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Keith Ivy Jr.



Keith Ivy Jr has been voted into the President role in Methuen Pop Warner at the December 2022 meeting. He has been part of this organization since 2020. Keith's passion and knowledge of football run deep.


Keith played football in high school and at a Division 2 college until he was sidelined due to an injury. Keith has been coaching youth sports for over a decade and understands how important it is to correctly mold these young athletes into respectable adults. Everyone involved in Pop Warner is expected to do what is best to help everyone grow and develop and Keith wants to continue to uphold these standards.

"I feel as though my management style, organizational skills, personality, and my drive for excellence are a perfect fit for this role. I’m always willing to take suggestions and I am welcome to receive constructive criticism."


In his work life, Keith has an open-door policy with his team. He will enact the same policy here with the MPW. "This organization is not only run by me but by everyone else who donates time and energy to make it a successful program. It truly takes a village and I have the best group of individuals dedicated to the same cause."

This position is not just about football it also includes the great cheer program here in Methuen. Keith will advocate for both groups to ensure everyone is successful. Cheer and football go hand in hand and the support of both is an important aspect of Pop Warner. As the president his goals are simple: steer the ship forward as best as he can and leave nothing behind.

"I look forward to implementing and upholding all the plans for success. Stay tuned to see what’s coming next!"

“Methuen Pop Warner. One Team, One Town”

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