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MPW Parent Info Night


Tuesday July 27th at Nicholson stadium lower fields near our equipment hut-times outlined below

The wait is over and it is time to get these kids back on the field doing what they love!! Yes us parents are just as excited to be back at it with our Pop Warner family at our home away from home for the next couple months! We will be meeting with parents to answer questions and provide information on our upcoming season which is set to start in only a little over a week!!

Equipment handout will also be taking place this day for football players..


Ⓜ️all outstanding balances must be paid to receive equipment *NO EXCEPTIONS*

Ⓜ️our annual calendar raffles will be handed out and must be paid for in advance (5 calendars per child minimum. This is a MANDATORY fundraiser that all participants must take part in. Pay for the calendars up front and then sell them to friends and family to get your money back. We will be giving prize incentives for top seller, and top team. The more you sell, the more money goes back to our organization and allows us to really rebuild and get METHUEN back on the map!

Ⓜ️ cheer parents no equipment is handed out for cheerleaders on this day but it is helpful to also have all remaining balances paid and paperwork handed in on this date to take less time on our first practice day.

We look forward to seeing all those smiling faces and cannot wait to kick off this season on August 2nd! We have some big things in store this year 🤗

U6 & U8 football 5:30

U10 football 6:15

U12 football 7:00


U14 football 7:30

Football players MUST be present to be fitted for helmets and shoulder pads!

See you there 💙🏈📣

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