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Lauren Leopold

Cheer Director

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Lauren has been a coach for Pop Warner for 14 years and found her permanent home with MPW in 2018. During her career with Pop Warner, Lauren has led teams to 11 top-five victories at the National Level, including a National Championship in 2019 with the highest score of the week for her team's level and a 3rd Place finish for Varsity in 2023. Lauren is also the Varsity Head Coach with Methuen High School Cheer and builds a natural transition from the Pop Warner levels to High School. 

Lauren is a dedicated member of this program who believes that we are not only training kids in the sport of cheer, but molding them into successful future adults by teaching them communication, problem-solving, teamwork, discipline, social skills, confidence, and independence among many other life skills. Her experience and knowledge have prepared her to take on this role and give back to her community in a greater capacity.


Her vision for this program is that we become the embodiment of her motto "One Town, One Team" by building each other up, leading in the training of her fellow coaches, and promoting a unified environment where everyone can thrive as a team. This way, we can all be fully equipped to give the youth of Methuen the best possible experience and enrich their lives to the fullest potential. 

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